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Raw 2 Roasted

[Stay tuned for our next Raw2Roasted workshop!]
raw2roasted-logoGreetings to all of you on a healthier cooking quest! The best way to lower your anxiety and stress is to get in the kitchen to make great food (and sometimes make mistakes that turn out good) to feed yourself and your family. Chances are that the more often you eat at home the healthier everyone will be; you’ll be saving money; and you will have a good chance of nurturing your relationships around your table.

Just in case you don’t know us…We are three women who love to cook and eat…so everything we make in the RAW 2 ROASTED COOKING CLASS is yummy and doable for a seasoned cook, a family cook, a person just getting started with cooking, or anyone who wants inspiration and new ideas.

We shop for the freshest ingredients. We use organic whenever possible. We have a great organic delivery service Harvest2U.com which has partnerships with many of our valley farms. We buy from the local farmer’s market,too.

We grow and use a lot of things from our front and back yards (or our neighbors’!)—oranges, Meyer lemons, grapefruits, apples, figs, zucchini, tomatoes, tomatilloes, peppers, basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, and dill.

There are a lot of “de-tox” plans out there. Ours is fresher, doable, and real.

This is your opportunity to start anew! We have planned this RAW2ROASTED 7-DAY FRESH DETOX PLAN with much excitement and enthusiasm to bring you a  plan that uses

  • real food
  • exotic spices and herbs
  • foods that are anti-inflammatory
  • recipes for tonics that cleanse the liver and flush the kidneys
  • super vegetables that provide nutrients for a healthy gut
  • 2 awesome fish recipes to get the benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids that are easily prepared in six minutes
  • fresh fruit preparation for energy and healthy skin
  • lots of colors, textures, and smells to delight you and bring you pleasure

And you will go home with a “De-Tox Starter Kit” designed and assembled by us! Don’t worry! There is no fasting! But there is no packaged, processed food either! We’ll  give you all of the instructions and you will be ready to start on Monday!

This is a very special event just in case you are surprised about the price! We will be discussing ways to get rid of stress, look years younger, and feel more energetic.

  • Learn a 1 minute breathing technique that gets rid of stress and increase fat-burning
  • Learn a 10 minute Yoga sequence that will calm your body for easy weight loss
  • Learn a 5 minute exercise routine that will increase your energy level and tone your body
  • Learn how to get rid of negative energy in your head and in a room
  • Experience a relaxation with Peter Poole and his Sacred Sound Immersion with Tibetan Bowls

Enjoy all the food we’ve prepared and feel the way nourishing food changes your mood!!