Three Easy Tricks to Lose Weight!


Before you go into a complicated and time consuming weight loss plan try these easy tricks:

1. PRAY. By this I mean take at least 30 to 60 seconds to acknowledge the food in front of you and give thanks for the opportunity to enjoy and taste the food. Appreciate the time and energy it took to prepare food. Give thanks to our abundant planet with our animals and our plants that provide our food. Taking three or four deep breathes will calm you and slow down your eating.

Most cultures and religions give a ” thank you” or a prayer before a meal. This sets the tone of your meal making you mindful and full of the greatest intention to nourish yourself. When you are present NOW you eat just the right amount.

2. PAUSE. If you pay attention, you can hear a “sigh” from yourself when you have had just the right amount of food. Your body knows and sends you a signal—the SIGH. We just need to listen for it. This is so simple but most people don’t believe it.

Put your fork down when you hear the sigh. You will eat the right amount of food and it will be probably less than you have on your plate.

3. PUSHBACK. This is the hardest part. When you hear the “sigh” pushback from the table!. Package the food for later. You know you have eaten the right amount and types of food when you are hungry about 3 hours later.