My Story – The Perfect Storm


Hey All!
Last month I shared with you about my experience with cancer. I was overwhelmed with how many of you took the time to send me emails full of good wishes, positive thoughts and lots of prayers. I felt loved and I thank YOU! Keep them coming—so good for my immune system which has been hammered…

Quite a few of you asked, “but why you? Do you know how you got cancer?” I don’t know why or how…but I can give you the factors that I think allowed me to heal…will that do?
From what I understand from my research and studies, all of us have cancer cells in our bodies but there has to be a weakening or toxic overload of the immune system to express themselves and be activated.

Usually our body has the tools to fight toxins like pollutants in our environment and pathogens which make their way inside our body—we get rid of the cold, handle the allergy attack, or deal with inflammation—but cancer occurs when certain conditions (called lifestyle modulators) prevail consistently over time, perhaps years, causing our immune system to be overwhelmed. The cancer cell is “switched-on” and our own fighter cells (immune system) are suppressed and inhibited.

Research has shown that cancer is more likely to occur when one or more of the following adverse conditions are present:
1. Excess stress—of any sort! So much to do you can’t catch your breath while you put yourself on a tight schedule and maintain too high expectations in yourself and others at home and in the workplace
2. Extended physical exertion—this could be anytime you have added extra things to your schedule, taken on too many project, taking care of others before yourself, or even working out too much
3. Swings in blood sugar levels—even though I had no signs of the usual blood sugar indicators I was waking up between 2 am and 3 am every morning—a big indication that the adrenals glands were involved, in stress mode sending out a lot of cortisol, and that the liver was having a hard time detoxing. I was waking up EXCITED to get to work on projects every night!
4. Lack of sleep—many of us can’t turn off the monkey brain and chatter in our head. We need rest and recovery.
5. Poor social relationships—when you feel threatened, unsafe, or isolated your immune system is taxed.
6. Having a genetic marker for a certain kind of cancer which my doctor had mentioned on first visit. I sent for a genetic testing kit from ($99), spit into a test tube, and sent the specimen back to lab. When I got the results back, I was shocked to see the cancer (nasopharyngeal carcinoma) with 3 stars by it supported by scientific information. That’s what I had!!
For a really good explanation of this see the book, Mind Over Medicine by Dr. Lissa Rankin

I can tell you that I definitely had excess stress trying to do too much with not enough time and not enough sleep (or play for that matter) for years! The one thing I know I had going for me is my habit of eating well and exercising in a balanced way—but when your immune system is compromised and your dealing with a toxic load of stress on the body caused by lack of sleep and not enough rest your body won’t even metabolize food properly! So you can have great food but nothing is getting to the cells and the energy system. More toxic load on the liver and nutritional deficiency.

jaxI am still learning about cancer and what it takes to support and nurture my immune system.

For me I have learned three valuable lessons from my Healer Cat JAX given to me by my “adopted children”:
• Ask for what you want and don’t give up till you get it!
• Relax, find a cozy place, take a deep breath and a long yawn—no hurry!
• View the world with curiosity and wonder—explore it!

So, just to summarize how to keep your immune system well-supported and able to attack any invaders including cancer cells, we need to create the beneficial effects of positive, supportive social networks; have a positive attitude; eat healthy wholesome food; get adequate rest and sleep; exercise in moderation; and stabilize our blood sugar level. And put all your power into the belief that you will be well!

Think about yourself—Are you creating a Perfect Storm? Are you working too hard and not getting appreciative support? Are you doing more things for other people and ignoring your needs? Could you be taking more care in the feeding of yourself and family? Choosing more veggies and fruits? Taking supplements to support detoxification?

Would you like some help and guidance to move in the right direction? Please make an appointment with me for a free STRATEGY SESSION—I would love to work with you.

Lots of love for life and health!