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Diet Danger Zones – Which One Are You?


Greetings everyone! I just got back from a visit with my family to celebrate the wedding of of my niece Emily at the Annapolis Naval Academy Chapel. It was beautiful! I loved visiting with my sister and brother and their kids. BUT it did not take long before old habits of mindless eating—unaware, irrational, and…

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New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year everyone! I am so looking forward to this year. It just seems different! Most of us start our new year with some type of goal never to touch another dessert, cocktail, or dip after all the parties and family get-togethers. We are pretty sick of it all and can’t wait to get…

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Three Easy Tricks to Lose Weight!


Before you go into a complicated and time consuming weight loss plan try these easy tricks: 1. PRAY. By this I mean take at least 30 to 60 seconds to acknowledge the food in front of you and give thanks for the opportunity to enjoy and taste the food. Appreciate the time and energy it…

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