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Personal Trainer - Health Coach - Culinary Educator - Eating Psychologist - Detox Specialist - Senior Fitness Specialist


Donna Mills Temecula Wellness CoachMy name is Donna Mills and I am a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Culinary Educator, Eating Psychologist, Detox Specialist & Senior Fitness Specialist!

I have  an M.S. in Human Nutrition from University of New Haven Connecticut, a Teaching Credential specializing in Home Economics & PE from SFSU, I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach from the Institute of Eating Psychology, and a Graduate in Full Body Systems Functional Nutritionist.

I have lived in Temecula since 1993; before that, in Rome, Italy for 10 years. I bicycled from London through France, Spain, France again, Italy & across Greece into Athens, camping the whole way!  My 10 years in Rome resulted in an intense, positive, & transformational paradigm shift in how I approach food. Everything I believe now about food started in Rome. Before I went to Rome in 1984, I had a  “USDA mindset” about food. You know, the standard guidlines provided by the government also called “S.A.D. Standard American Diet.”  However, when in Rome you don’t eat & walk, eat & watch TV, you don’t buy tons of food either – there is no space to store it! There is no processed food (the Italian women looked great & still ate pasta & fat). Eating in Rome was all about pleasure & connection. “Do as the Romans do!”

Donna Mills Health Coach Temecula

Cancer Survivor: I am a cancer survivor; I had lymphoma in the sinus and required chemotherapy.

My friends, family, and clients thought I would be the last person to get cancer since I ate healthy and taught several exercise classes including Zumba, Body Pump, Dance, Aerobics, Spinning, Step Classes and more! The thing about being healthy is that it is not just about food, weight and exercise (all of which is very important) but it is also about balance and harmony. I was under a LOT of self-induced stress which IS a trigger for cancer. Trying to “hurry up” with an attitude of “I’ve got to be the best” was undermining my health. In addition, I was resisting my age. I was getting more gray hairs and I wanted to stay young so I died my hair red. After chemotherapy, my hair turned snow white and it seemed like a message to be “OK” with my chronological age. I learned that being healthy and well IS being young. I honestly feel 20 years younger than other people my same age. It’s about physical health, balance, and attitude!

Awareness is Everything.

My approach is all about awareness. Awareness is Everything. I teach my clients how to “be”. They become comfortable and accepting in their bodies. We live in a culture of shame that results in accepting no less than perfection and giving up when we can’t have it. When you work with me in my home gym or kitchen, we will look at the entire package. I will take an in-depth assessment of your health and work with you to make measured precision “edits” to your lifestyle, not just your diet. I want your experience to be enjoyable and pleasurable not about deprivation!

Please contact me if you are interested in feeling lighter, healthier and full of life!