Pick Up Your Energy Naturally


Okay! It is Spring! I celebrated:

  • by planting a mini-garden with three different kales, collard greens, beets, blood red beet greens, celery tops, thyme, basil, and a couple of beef steak tomato plants. I am making use of little sunny spaces around the house.
  • by completing the Carlsbad 5000 yesterday—not as fast as I wanted but given the fact that I only started training February 15th it was “good enough for now”. I need to do some speed training and will start to work at the track with a Temecula Valley Triathlon Club. I am on their advisory board as club nutritionist. If you are interested in joining this group, let me introduce you to Simon Rose and Rick Wessel of the Bike Shop.
  • by doing a Spring Cleaning of my personal space and mind using the ebook created by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the school that continues to provide inspiration and information for me do do my job well as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I know that when I get rid of “stuff” the cobwebs leave my mind and I get more creative energy flowing.

I did all that in one day! With the longer days most of us have a more noticable lag in the afternoon and turn to some caffeine  drink like coffee, diet soda, or an energy drink for a pick-up. All of these will cost you money, add calories, and ultimately impact your health and your adrenal glands.

Here are some of my favorite natural ways to create energy in myself, others, and in a room or space:

  1. Six minute exercise break can oxygenate body and change your energy mix. Try: 1 minute squats; 1 minute push-ups on floor, desk, or against wall; 2 minutes step up/down or jumping jacks; and 2 minutes upper/lower body stretch.
  2. Give someone a big, big hug.
  3. Take five minutes to observe nature, listen to the sounds.
  4. Take a play break with your pets—they only need a little love and they are happier!
  5. Put on some crazy, hip shaking music and DANCE!
  6. Enjoy an herbal tea and just sit and take deep breaths.
  7. Brush your teeth for 1 full minute and really enjoy it!
  8. Go in your car, close all windows, and SCREAM! It’s wonderful! I will also do this while I drive—but I try different voices.
  9. Clap your hands for 1 full minute! Clap for yourself—go faster and faster!
  10. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, cute, vital, adorable, intelligent, creative, passionate, caring, wonderful, and so on, and so on for 1 full minute!
  11. Reflect on all the compliments and positive things that have happened to you today.

My best compliment this week: Nicole Dotto, my best friend’s 30 year old daughter, sent me a link to a video with the comment “Donni! This video reminds me of you. BIG TIME”.


I have come a long way myself in allowing more relaxation, fun and pleasure in my life. I have less stress and I am thinner! I still am a workhorse but I am not a work addict! If you have been struggling trying to find balance and more time to explore other things in your life besides a career you might be ready for the Six-Month Transformation  Program! Please call me. I can help coach you to a more balanced, relaxed way of life based on your deepest values and aspirations.

I look forward to supporting you in your healthy path to pleasurable food, movement, and appreciation of your uniqueness!

Remember good wholesome food, fun, and exercise are vitally important for you to have abundant energy and a happy mood!